Israeli Association of Publicly Traded Companies

The Association of Publicly Traded Companies is a non-profit organization representing hundreds of public companies whose shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and other stock exchanges throughout the world. The Association was founded in 1991 to represent the interests of companies listed on the TASE before government agencies and authorities in the areas of legislation, regulation and supervision.

The Association's chief goal is to enable oversight of the capital market through reliance on adequate disclosure rather than through strict regulation. The Association aims to reduce government involvement in business activity in general, and the capital market in particular.

The Association is known as the representative of the public companies before the following regulatory bodies: the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the Israel Securities Authority, the Knesset and its committees, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance and other government authorities. The Association is involved in important decision-making processes concerning the Israeli capital market, and has been a significant contributor in shaping legislation and regulation in recent years. These authorities recognize the importance of the Association and the need to consult with it before decisions are made.

The Association of Publicly Traded Companies is led by Ilan Flato since 2012. In the past, Flato served as Economic Advisor to the PM of Israel and as VP and Member of the Executive in United Mizrahi Bank. Ilan Flato holds a BA in Economics, LLB degree, MA law and a MA in Information and Technology (MSIT).

The chairman of the association is Mr. Gideon Tadmor, one of Israel's leading businessmen and one of the founders and major drivers behind the success of the Eastern Mediterranean Oil and Gas industry. Tadmor is also the chairman of Navitas Petroleum, publicly traded (TASE:NVPT.L) North America focused, O&G exploration and production partnership